Emuge - Quick-Change Tap Holders


Quick-Change Tap Holders

New Product

The patented Softsynchro® tap holder with minimal length compensation technology is now available with a quick-change option for easy tool changing in or outside of the machine. The new Softsynchro QuickLock holder can be used with various shank adapters and is available with HSK or cylindrical adaption connections. Tap life can be increased dramatically with the Softsynchro tap holder that compensates for natural spindle errors that occur in CNC equipment.

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Spark Plug Position System

The requirements for identifying the starting position for internal threads on today’s fuel-efficient automobile engines has led to the development of the Emuge PoCoSys program for the production and inspection of spark plug threads. This system enables the manual inspection of threads directly on the production line or in inspection departments with 3D measuring equipment.
The unique measuring system helps automobile engine manufacturers improve the combustion process and improve efficiency while reducing engine emissions. Visit emuge.com for a complete overview of this new product. Click here for more information.


5 Axis Milling Support

Circle Segment Carbide End Mill Program

The circle segment end mills constitute a new tool class which enable machining with a larger tool path distance during pre-finishing and finishing operations. These tools are primarily used in mold-making as well as in the production of tire molds, turbine blades, impeller blades or blisks.

The technical specialty of these end mills are the large radii in the cutting area of the respective tool which offer entirely new possibilities in machining. The large radius simulates a ball-nose end mill with a cutting diameter of 12 to 3,000 mm and even larger on request.

The CAM system which has to support and compute the geometry of the circle segment end mill, plays an important role here. Emuge offers programming assistance to end users who use most popular CAM software such as hyperMILL®, Mastercam® and others. With circle segment cutters, machining times can be reduced significantly and at the same time the surface quality of the components is increased. Click here for more information.