Owned and operated in Michigan, C&B Supply specializes in one thing, selling quality cutting tools with customer service that is second to none. We keep our promises, never over-complicate things, and are just plain easy to do business with.

Why C & B Supply

Cutting Tool Specialist –

Cutting Tool Specialist

We specialize in, and sell, only quality cutting tools. We are experts in this arena because we do not dilute our product line with items outside of our specialty. Having a focused scope allows us to offer superior advice to our customers; it's what makes us specialists. When partnering with C&B Supply, you can rest assured that you're working with an expert.

Application Expertise   –

Application Expertise

Tap into our more than 80 years of application expertise in cutting tools. Let us help you discover various insights on a broad range of manufacturing applications. Let us help you implement them in your own operations to see improvements in equipment efficiency, productivity, and waste reduction.

Customer Service   –

Customer Service

Our main priority is to offer outstanding customer service. This means listening and offering expert advice, following through and keeping our promises, and being good communicators. At the end of the day, the service we offer to our customers is what we hang our hats on.



We felt that local manufacturers needed a cutting tools specialist. Not only that, but a specialist that was reliable and service oriented. We started C&B Supply in 1999 to meet those goals; to bring quality cutting tools to Michigan and redefine what it traditionally means to be a distributor. Today we have a team of experts with over 80 years of combined experience and we're proud that our founding principles haven't changed.

Our team

Mark Stadel   President and Outside Sales   –

Mark Stadel

President and Outside Sales

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone with more industry specific knowledge and experience than Mark. He's been in the cutting tool industry his entire career and his expertise has earned him a reputation for being a dependable, go-to kind of guy. Mark thrives on challenges and watching our work transform clients’ productivity. When he’s not talking shop, you might find Mark on the golf course or out boating.

Nate Hoard   Outside Sales Manager   –

Nate Hoard

Outside Sales Manager

Nate is a Journeyman tool and die maker by trade with over 12 years of experience. He is passionate about doing things right the first time and finding the best solutions to the challenges facing the companies and individuals he works with. Whether he's working on a tooling solution for a customer or a bike in his garage, Nate's focus is always on quality, not shortcuts.

Michelle Ostrander   Office Manager   –

Michelle Ostrander

Office Manager

Michelle is the backbone of the team; she's the go to person for all things administrative at the office. Her passion and dedication to her job is second to none. Whether she’s working on an estimate or analyzing answers to come up with the best solution possible, Michelle thrives on efficiency and loves the rush of a job well done. Her attention to detail is what keeps C&B running like a well-oiled machine and our customers happy.

Gary Brown   Inside Sales Manager   –

Gary Brown

Inside Sales Manager

Gary has been in the manufacturing industry his entire career and is C&B's right hand man when it comes to inside sales. He lives by the motto, "Do what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it." He thrives on staying busy, and if you can't find him at the office, chances are he's in the garage working on a classic car. With his strong work ethic and dedication, Gary is the dynamic force behind the C&B inside team. 

We’re fanatics about quality cutting tool products, take immense pride in the relationships we foster with our customers, and are enthusiastic communicators. Simply put, we’re passionate about what we do.

Our name

We're proud of our roots in Michigan. Our name is about service. Walking the walk. Being accountable. It’s also about empowering our customers to move forward with confidence, secure in the knowledge that they’ve chosen the right product for the job.