Important News from Carmex

ACT NOW! Switch Iscar tooling to Carmex!

  • Iscar is moving away from the SR style to a new style where the two back corners are ground off. Because Carmex has more inventory and a superior product, we wanted to let you know that you can switch your Iscar tooling to Carmex!

  • Their inserts will fit Carmex holders, but Carmex inserts will not fit their holders. In many cases Iscar will be asking you to buy NEW tooling to replace the old tooling so the Iscar inserts will fit. Iscar part numbers are very similar to the Carmex part numbers, so they’re easy to identify and switch over to Carmex.

  • Stellram and Xactform inserts are the same style, and their inserts also fit Carmex pockets.

ACT NOW! Don’t let this opportunity pass!