Jergens Zero Point Mounting System cuts set up times by up to 90%

Looking for a Low Cost, Fully Automatic Solution for Quick Pallet Changing?

Take a look at the
Jergens Zero Point Mounting System

The Zero Point Mounting System
allows you to fix, position and clamp in a single step,
cutting set up times by up to 90%.

The system is available with either pneumatic or hydraulic release.
The positive locking locating modules allow operators to quickly change out large and small fixtures with extreme accuracy and minimal effort.

Bottom Line... The Jergens Zero Point Mounting System is the lowest cost, fully automatic solution for quick pallet changing!

Achieve faster set up times and increase accuracy and repeatability with design features exclusive to the Jergens Zero Point Mounting System

  • Self-Guiding - Minimal set up time and easy installation
  • Positive, Mechanical Locking - High holding force without hydraulic pressure
  • Large Ball Diameter And Three Point Load Distribution - Increased strength and even load distribution
  • No Ball Cage - Free movement for reduced friction
  • Hardened Stainless Steel (AISI 440B) Construction - Durable and rugged for long life
  • Integrated Safety System - Eliminates need to forcibly remove modules

Use this calculator to see how much money you will save by switching to the Jergens Zero Point Mounting System

Download the Zero Point Mounting System catalog today!