Do You Need Flap Discs?

Are Quality, Consistency and Value Important?

If you said Yes, you will want to check out Preferred Abrasives' Flap Disc Promotion.

Choose from Premium Zirc Flap Discs, Firestorm Ceramic Flap Discs or the brand new Value Zirc Flap Discs.  Combine them to achieve the best price bracket.

"Premium Zirc" Flap Discs

Made with the most popular Zirc material for maximum performance

  • High performance "Premium Zirc" grain provides a more aggressive rate than other zirc materials.
  • Poly/Cotton Blend backing provides better wear resistance than those made with all cotton backings.
  • Fast cut and long life.

"Value Zirc" Flap Discs

Made with a quality "zirc" grain

  • Made with the same Poly/Cotton blend backing as the Premium Zirc discs.
  • Slightly reduced flap count, compared to the Premium Zirc flap disc.
  • Lower cut rate than the Premium Zirc flap disc.

"Firestorm Ceramic" Flap Discs

Made with the most popular Ceramic material for high performance flap discs

  • High performance "Firestorm Ceramic" grain provides one of the fastest cut rates of all flap discs.
  • Tough polyester backing provides the best wear resistance and longest life.
  • Top sized grinding aid provides cooler grinding on stainless steel, harder metals and alloys.
  • Preferred Abrasives' fastest cutting and longest life.

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