Nine9 News Release


New Grades Available 

Nine9 NC5074 Helica Coating

Nine9 NC5072 TiAlN Coating


New Grade Available. Patented. The developer of the first indexable center drill in the world. Offering and indexable insert system for the 1st time, Nine9's "i-Center" design improves your process performance. 

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New Helica Grade replaces the NC2033 for the following items: 

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NC 5074:

 P40 grade, Helica coating, design for small diameter center drill (IC08 inserts).


Extended Tool Life

  • coolant can be supplied through the center of the holder to increase performance and extend tool life. 
  • Insert geometry, grades and coating process are specifically engineered for centering applications. 

Special forms are possible

AICrN based


New NC5072 TiAIN grade replaces the (NC5074) for the following items:



P40 grade, TiAIN coating

General purpose, suitable for almost all kinds of steel, stainless steel and Titanium.