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Emuge Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the 1,500+ employee German company EMUGE-Werk Richard Glimpel GmbH & Co. KG (Lauf, Germany) that has been the product technology and performance leader in their field for nearly 100 years. The company manufactures an extensive line of taps, thread mills, drills, end mills, toolholders, clamping devices and other rotary cutting tools, over 100,000 items sold through distributors worldwide. Emuge also offers end-user technical support through a network of in-the-field engineers and in-house product specialists, all with extensive tooling and application experience. 

High Performance Tools

Emuge USA was established in 1984 to better service the North American market with localized inventory and technical support. With over 10,000 different stocked standard taps, thread mills, drills, end mills, tool holders and work piece clamping devices, Emuge offers standard products that are custom made items for others.  In 2015, Emuge began manufacturing products in the USA with the opening of a reconditioning center for Emuge cutting tools and we are proud to be a part of a re-vitalized manufacturing sector in New England. For more information, contact C&B Supply or visit their website at emuge.com


EMUGE has the world's most complete offering of tap solutions


MultiTAP™ - Universal

MultiTAP™ is the result of collective years of Emuge’s extensive tapping expertise and application research. It features acompletely new, innovative geometric design and a special base material and surface treatment, allowing it to handle numerous materials and applications. Emuge has designed MultiTAP to offer job shops and other manufacturers an affordable, yet high performance tapping solution.

Rekord 1B-Z-GLT-1-C.jpg

Redkord B-Z Taps - Stainless & Alloy Steel

The Rekord B with Z geometry is designed for through hole threads in long-chipping material. This aggresive cutting geometry with elevated rake and relief angles is suitable for a multitude of long-chipping materials. It is designed especially for CNC-controlled machine tools. 

Rekord 2A-HCUT-TICN-C.jpg

A-HCUT Taps - Hardened Steels

The Rekord A-HCUT has a geometry with a specially adjusted flute profile and a special rake and relief angles for thread cutting in hardened steel applications. Manufactured with a powdered metal, (HSSE-PM) cobalt high speed steel or sub-micro grain carbide substrate material. Rekord A-HCUT powdered metal HSSE-PM tools are suitable for a material hardness of 44-55 HRC. Solid carbide Rekord A-HCUT tools will work in a hardness of up to 55-63 HRC.