Clean Your Machine!

Announcing the New Prodigy CNC Cleaning Fan!

If you are having trouble keeping your machine clean, it’s time for the Prodigy P1 cleaning fan from Command Tooling.

It’s the perfect complimentary tool for all CNC users!

The Prodigy P1 has been engineered to provide the best possible results for removing machined material chips, coolant and other debris from workpieces or fixtures.

This exciting new product sports a 0.750 diameter cylindrical shank that can be easily mounted into existing collet chucks or endmill holders.

Once the Prodigy P1 cleaning fan is installed and mounted, customers simply use their machine control to initiate cleaning unattended between machining cycles.

Bottom line…the Prodigy P1 eliminates chip accumulation without compromising labor and machine time.

Available Now!