Workholding for Hard to Hold Parts


Blue Photon Has Reinvented Workholding

Blue Photon's State of the art solutions allow you to solve a multitude of workholding problems. With the release of their new Universal Fixture Kit, they are making it quick and easy to start working with this technology.

The kit is a collection of inserts, pins and articulating arms which can be set to hold a workpiece at any angle for 5 and even 6-sided tool access. 

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Blue Photon Technology Solves Many Common Workholding Problems

  • Turning - Resolves distortion problems by eliminating clamping
  • Additive MFG - Perfect for complex, net-shaped parts and reducing waste
  • EDM - Adds precision to quick-change systems and is easily automated
  • Grinding - Dampens chatter typical in grinding applications and achieves tight tolerances
  • Milling - Blue Photon technology withstands heavy milling forces while simplifying your workholding
  • 5-Axis - Highly-efficient workholding method with 5-axis machines, eliminating steps