Powerful Tools for Powerful Shops

Upgrade Your Aluminum Machining 

Our new High Balance Tools are designed to significantly increase performance in machining centers capable of elevated RPMs and feed rates. Push your shop's efficiency to the next level with tools optimized for aggressive jobs and better results. 

Powerful Tools for Powerful Shops

Helical offers more than 100 fully-stocked High Balance Tools with the following features: 

  • Precision balanced for high velocity machining in aluminum (up to 33,000 RPM)
  • Grippable shank length optimized for increased rigidity and reduced stickout
  • Excellent performance in High Efficiency Milling (HEM)
  • Reduced neck for maximum strength in long reach applications


Don't Have A New 2018 Catalog? 

Our 2018 product catalog features over 800 new tools, including High Balance Tools, metric sizes for 10 existing product lines, and a full stocked Tplus coating option. Request a Helical 2018 product catalog here