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New Carmex MT Drill made for Multi-Tasking


The newly introduced MT Drill from Carmex is designed to drill, chamfer, and thread mill a hole in a single operation: 

  • Constructed of solid carbide
  • Two-Fluted drill/thread milling cutter
  • 45-degree chamfering
  • Reduces cycle times by combining operations and eliminating tool changes
  • Same tool can be used for blind or through-hole drilling, making it ideal for mass production operations
  • Optimized carbide grade is ideal for aluminum and cast iron and produces high-quality thread surface
  • Features internal coolant
  • Constructed for long life over multiple applications 
  • Available in a variety of thread pitches

The new MT Drill not only saves tool change time but enables manufactures to achieve a more predictable result and improved quality control. 

The MT Drill is another example of Carmex's leadership through experience in thread milling. 

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