Solving Challenging Workholding Problems

The Solution To Holding Odd Shaped Parts

Blue Photon's photo-activated adhesive workholding solution eliminates the need for external clamping components or mounting studs that could potentially harm your workpiece.

Patented grippers contact the workpiece and are held in place using Blue Photon's proprietary BlueGrip Adhesive.  These grippers are able to accommodate irregular shapes and textured surfaces solving many workholding challenges.

This amazing new technology will hold:

  • virtually any type of metal

  • ceramic

  • composite and laminate materials

  • plastic

  • irregular and complex shaped part

Blue Photon workholding stands up to oils and cutting fluids and holds tight when machining and milling. The Blue Photon system is a revolutionary product that utilizes Grippers,  BlueGrip™ Adhesives, and UV light to grip and hold all types of machined parts and materials. C&B Supply is proud to be a distributor of the new and unique Blue Photon line of workholding products.