2017/2018 Duemmel Product Catalog Now Available 

  • Over 700 New Items Added 
  • 24 New Or Expanded Product Types 
  • Hundreds Of New Inch Items to Better Serve the USA Market

Summary of Product Expansion 


Benefits of Using Ultramini

  • Highly repeatable holder systems.
  • Sharpest cutting edge in the industry.
  • Thousands of tools require only 2 holders.
  • Outperforms other major competitors.
  • Interchangeable with a major competitor.


Type 645.PT, Type 676.PT, Type 687.PT

  • PT style holders deliver coolant parallel to the insert shank. 



Mediline Type M050

  • Specifically designed foe 316 SS and titanium materials.
  • Coolant delivered thru the tool.
  • Reduced t max for higher stability.
  • Corner radius provides longer tool life and better surface finishes.

Type UM600H - High Performance 

  • Standard coolant connection
  • Manual clamping without additional wrench 
  • Continuous repeatability - highly precise
  • Simplest orientation 
  • Ideal where space is tight

 Xtraline Type X050

  • Specifically designed for Nickel and Chrome base alloys.
  • Coolant delivered thru the tool.
  • Reduced t max. for higher stability.
  • Various corner radii provides for longer tool life and better surface finishes.
  • Chip breaker reduces cutting forces and provides for higher cutting feed.

Hardline Type 050

  • More economical than CBN.
  • Machine up to HRC66.
  • Reduce scrap.
  • Perfect for thin wall material



Type 004M, Type 006M, Type 007, Type 007M

  • Grooving inserts with corner radii
  • Inch widths added



NPT Partial Profile Threading

  • 18 and 27 TPI


Benefits Of Using Minicut

  • Interchangeable with the industry standard tri-groove mounting system.
  • AL41F outperforms competitors grades with NO up-charge for our TiALN coating.
  • Sharpest cutting edge in the industry equal increased tool life; better chip formation and surface finish.


Type 614.A & 618.A

  • Prefered holder style for face grooving

Type 14SQ, Type 14SQ.A (square)

  • Metric shank standard
  • Inch sizes available upon request 



Internal Grooving / Profiling 08, 11, 14, 16 Series 

  • Expanded inch offering
  • Expanded offering with radii


Boring And Copying 

  • Expanded 08, 09, 11, 14, 16 program



    NPT Partial Profile Threading 

    • 14, 18, 27 TPI